“Happiness is like a perfume, you cannot pour it all on others without allowing a few drops to fall on yourself.”

African Proverb

A whimsical celebration on spectacles, Camo 6 captures the Swahili word “Macho nne” which directly translates to “person” and “four” in English. “Macho nne” becomes a figurative phrase for a person who wears glasses. This captures the facination that the artist held towards those in her life who wore glasses and from a childish perspective seemed to be “a person with four eyes” (as can be the direct translation of Macho nne). The glasses worn by the model are made from sliced glass that gives a colorful take on the interpretation of the Swahili word.

Photography, 2015

Jet Ink Print of FineArt RAG+ Matt 310g mounted on aluminium dibond in black pre-made float frame


Camo-06 Thandiwe Muriu Low Res