“When sleeping women wake, they move mountains.”

African Proverb

If you drive on the streets of Nairobi, Kenya, you will see brightly painted mini buses with graffiti and flashing LED lights zooming past. These vehicles are called ‘Matatu’ in Swahili which means ‘taxi minibus’. Everyone who has sat in a matatu has experienced the feeling of subwoofers embedded into the seats making the booming music have a bass so deep it shakes your bones, or MTV music videos playing on tiny screens in the seat in front of you, Every matatu is a colorful reflection of its driver, with themes ranging from football to Lupita Ny’ong’o to other world renown politicians embellishing the vehicle. Matatus are chameleons, always changing their decorative themes depending on world politics, Kenyan pop culture and Premier League.

The chrome plated eyewear of Camo 38 was inspired by the brake pedal of a matatu.

Photography, 2022
Jet Ink Print of FineArt RAG+ Matt 310g mounted on aluminium dibond in black pre-made float frame


Camo-38 Thandiwe Muriu Low Res