“The greatest truth is the simplest one.”

African Proverb

The bursting loops of the African print of Camo 34 brings to mind the humble atom found in the deepest core of every human being. The artist sought to celebrate being human- celebrate the beauty of life in its various forms, whether it is the unseen depths of life, or the actions and emotions which we all carry. To her, the center of being human is the ability to feel, to experience, to internalize those experiences and turn them into the core of whomever each one of us becomes- good or bad- as a person. It is the colors of life that remind us that we are human.

To quote BBC “But to be human is to be at the centre of our own universe, to experience life in all its colours and all its potential.”

Photography, 2022

Jet Ink Print of FineArt RAG+ Matt 310g mounted on aluminium dibond in black pre-made float frame