CAMO 2.0 3953

“African Stunners” languidly perch on the model's face in an African nod to the huge trend of Shutter Shades of the early 2000's. Like the Shutter Shades, these “African Stunners” have horizontal lines running across the eyes instead of tinted lens, but the similarity stops there: the hot pink slats of the eyewear are the interlocked bristles of two hair combs. The artist recalls how cool and on trend she would feel as a child whenever she wore sunglasses- a feeling she translated to this Camo through the blasé pose and the handles of the combs that jut out nonchalantly from the model's face.

Photography, 2018

Jet Ink Print of FineArt RAG+ Matt 310g mounted on aluminium dibond in black pre-made float frame


Thandiwe-Muriu-Camo-2.0 3953