Universal Truths explores the complexities of intimacy and the experiences transcending culture, country, and age, that connect all of us as human beings. At the core of humanity is the desire for connection; a longing for belonging. Each culture responds to this call in distinct ways, delicately balancing the individual’s need for communion while retaining independence. Within this vital equilibrium of connection lie some inescapable truths– conflict can exist where there is love, there is an inherent human pursuit of advancement, every soul is seeking a kindred spirit, support lifts a heavy heart.

This body of work is a visual discourse on the social intricacies of being and belonging, crafting a fable of the beauty of struggle underlying this eternal human yearning. Thandiwe’s visual discourse forgoes the superficial in favour of more meaningful, existential truths, inviting us to explore the presence of these perspectives in our lives.

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  • Brotherhood
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  • Unity