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Blaze – Why I’m doing it and why you should too

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Blaze – Why I’m doing it and why you should too

I’ve been a photographer for 10 years now. I remember every milestone hit during those years- the first time I figured out what shutter speed was, what ISO meant and how depth of field could transform an image (don’t worry non-photographers, it’s not as complicated as it sounds). They were all mind blowing moments where my journey as a photographer took a big leap.

But they were also the result of long, frustrating hours of research and trail and error where I wished I had someone who could just walk me through what all of these complicated terms meant and why I should even care about them. It would have saved me lots of time for sure! Do you know how long it takes to understand what camera RAW is as a 15 year old? (Hint- very long)

That’s why when I was approached about being a part of Blaze I was excited by the chance to make the journey of a photographer like you easier than mine was. Blaze is all about empowering you to chase your passion and answering the BIG questions like how do you make money as a photographer? What do you need to study to be a photographer? How do you make a living as a photographer (is it even possible)?


If you’re a photographer below 26 years and you’re out in Eldoret, Kisumu, Mombasa, Nairobi, Meru or Nakuru, I’m excited to meet you, see your portfolio and hopefully demystify what it means to be a photographer in Kenya! I’ll be sharing my story, the lessons learnt along the way and will have the chance to hear about your dreams.

If there’s one thing the journey with Blaze has taught me so far, it’s that Kenya has much to offer the world- we just need to celebrate ourselves as a people more. The incredibly talented artists that Blaze has brought together have challenged my own ambitions and passion as a photographer. It’s also just amazing to be in such a high-creativity environment 😀


Girl power at the Blaze launch with blogger Lyra Aoko and drummer Olive Mutisya.

Visit www.blaze.co.ke/byob/summits to register. Come with me on this journey and let’s celebrate Kenyan art together.

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