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Blaze Eldoret – My Highlights

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Blaze Eldoret – My Highlights

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit Eldoret for the first time with Blaze. Blaze is an initiative by Safaricom to empower the youth and give us the resources we need to be our own bosses. Part of the work I’m doing with Blaze involves blogging about my experience.

Its been particularly exciting being a part of Blaze because of the opportunity to interact with the other mentors who have achieved such amazing things at such a young age. After listening to their stories, it has been interesting to see how basic business principles apply to all industries across the board. I got to talk to insurance brokers, event planners, exporters, farmers, singers and many others and at the core of their success was always a business run on solid principles. As a photographer I feel even more challenged to learn the art of business!

It was also really cool to meet photographers I only know on Instagram. Shout out to @brian_kigen who contacted me on Instagram and met me on the day! I’m always so excited to meet other photographers and exchange information.


@brian_kigen and I

As part of Blaze I also got to meet aspiring photographers and share my story. After interacting with all of you I’ve been challenged to begin a YouTube channel that will, among other things, first answer the major questions beginner photographers have (big news!).

Here are some of the awesome people I got to meet.


Sharing my story in the Fashion and Photography POD


@salmun_writes  it was really cool to meet you!


Some of the stylists/ models/bloggers/ photographers who came to the Fashion and Photography POD


Discussing Selfies 101 before beginning my session

When I wasn’t speaking I was busy trying out new things like skateboarding (thanks @kelvinmurage_kenyanskater for the introduction!). You can have a look at my adventures in the video below:

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